Want to buy a home in Delhi-NCR area? You are swaying in lingering anxieties & uncertainties of making a profitable decision about your property. Don’t worry. You are not the only one suffering from this flooding chain of thoughts about your real-estate investments. You have the company of every new real-estate investor or first-time home buyer.

Although you can trust the advice of your contacts or real estate experts, little research at your end will help you make a confident investment decision. Some property myths are rooted so deep into the typical mindset that it is almost inevitable to avoid these misconceptions. To ensure they don’t inflict your investment judgement, we are taking it into our hands to bust top six common myths of 2018 in the real estate industry. The list is as follows: 

Myth 1: You Need a Big Down Payment to Buy a House

Most people believe it’s hard to buy a home Delhi, Noida & Gurgaon area because of the abundant amount of down payment prerequisite. If you also think that you need 20% down payment at the time of buying, you are wrong! Most real estate companies in Delhi-NCR area offer excellent plans that include a low initial amount to buy a home. If your builder doesn’t provide any such options, you can find other affordable options like third-party lenders and others.

Myth 2: Real Estate Investments are a Risky Affair

What kind of investment do you think is safe? Almost none! The safest investment one can make in the Real Estate market like buying a property in Gurgaon, Delhi or Noida area. When you buy a home, apartment or commercial property as an investment, it is liable to face the least amount of financial fluctuations in comparison to others like gold trading, shares, etc. In fact, real estate investments turn out to be increasingly steady if you hold on to the stakes for a more extended period. With recent government policies, your property investments are safer than ever.

Myth 3: Big Market Players/ Names are Best in Project Delivery

For years now, this has been the biggest myths among home buyers in Delhi-NCR region. We all know this is not true. In last decade, real estate market has seen some big names in the industry go down the trail of criticism for poor quality and delivery, and few smaller developers earning trust for superior quality and project completion. In the last year, new government-introduced policies have made it easier for home buyers to trust & buy residential and commercial property in Noida, Gurgaon and Delhi. Now all developers will be bound to deliver their projects on-time, as promised to the buyers.

Myth 4: Discounts/Offers Lowers the Actual Cost of Your Purchase

Home buyers in Delhi-NCR area, often think getting discounts/offers is a great way to decrease the value of their investment. What if we tell you it is nothing like that? Shocked, right. Being a real estate developer, we can tell you that is not a good idea to choose a project solely to enchase some offers or discounts. You are buying a lifetime investment, not groceries from your local farmer’s market. The home buyers eventually bear the discounted prices. The discounted price is added to your purchase by selling some feature or amenity. Be vigilant and look for the causes of such inviting offers. While not all offers are misguided, see you are not falling for an easy catch. If you get a deal worth investing, take it!

Myth 5: Eco-Friendly Homes Cost a Lot More

You might pay some extra money when you buy an eco-friendly home/apartment in Delhi, Gurgaon and Delhi, which amounts to about 10% of the total cost of your home. Surprisingly, you would not believe the astonishing amount of money you will save over a period with your green home. It is more like an intelligent real estate investment you make for having a sustained and cost-effective house in the long run. Buy it now, and you will thank us later!

Myth 6: Even if you arrange the funds, it is hard to find the “right house.”

With the number of new projects (linked to Assotech Projects) coming up, it is no longer a daunting task to find the house of your dreams. It sure seems a time-consuming thing but isn’t you dream house worth all the time? Yes, a home buyer who is looking for a residential apartment in Gurgaon, Noida or Delhi, often gets tired of choosing the right home. We suggest you list out your priorities first to narrow your areas of interest- decide the locality, amenities, size, construction type. There is no scarcity of real estate projects in Delhi-NCR area of your choice. Next, hire a professional real estate agent to scout your options of property to find the right one.

If you still have some more questions related to real estate myths, or interested in looking to buy a residential/commercial property in Delhi-NCR region, please contact us at crm@assotechlimited.com 

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