If you are looking to buy the best apartment/home in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon area, this article will shed some light on the merits of owning a house.

A middle-class working man, few years into his successful career, is most likely to tangle in dilemma of buying or renting a home. Rented accommodations are more of a temporary fix and don’t cost much. Owned apartments come with a higher initial investment (down payment) and require a constant investment of funds over the EMI to maintain the home. Despite this huge financial difference, it is evident that a rented house can never provide the sense of contentment you feel in your self-owned property. Initially renting may seem hassle-free and easy because there is no “extra” cost or effort involved but in the long-run, you would want to be a house owner.

As a leading real estate company in Delhi NCR, Assotech Limited strongly feels it is one of the most important decisions people take in their life and is worth giving a thought. Let us look at the reasons why owning a home is a better choice over renting:

Reliable Asset

When you buy a home, you take a step towards financial stability. The monthly EMIs you pay for your home is higher than the rent you pay for a leased apartment in Gurgaon, Nodia or Delhi, but it sure counts towards building a steady asset. By buying a home, you get to enjoy the comfort & security of your own home, and it also pays off when you have a financial emergency.

You are the Boss

With your own home, you don’t have to worry about your landlord’s unnecessary restrictions, complains and many rent negotiations. You do all the work, but you get to make all the rules too. You can play loud music, invite friends over and host weekend parties without seeking any approvals.

Value Appreciating Investment

Real Estate in India might face few ups and down but the value of the residential apartment in Gurgaon & Noida is most likely to appreciate over the years keeping in mind the demand. Your owned house is an investment that will pay off its value with added profit even if you have to sell it in next five to ten years.

Unmatched Warmth & Comfort

It is a feeling exclusive to the homeowners. We often see people who own an apartment or flat in Noida, Gurgaon or Delhi but have to live in another town for various reasons, one of the most common being occupational.  They keep missing their “own home” because no rented apartment, however, modern & lavish it might be” can render the warmth of their own home.

Although buying a house in Delhi NCR is a wise decision, it has to be well thought and well planned, or you might end up struggling with the increased expenses. Think it through by either speaking to a real estate expert or find answers to these questions before any property investment:

    Are you eligible for a home loan? Visit your bank to know more about your eligibility, loan amount and interest rates?

    Does your current financial condition allow you to pay EMIs without hindering your regular monthly expenses?

    Can you manage to make the down payment out of your savings?

    Do you have enough savings to maintain other investments you already own?

    What are current property prices in Delhi NCR where you want to buy? Will the value of your home appreciate or deprecate according to the proposed development?

    Do you want to rent or live in the house you want to buy? Will your rent income be worth purchasing the property?

    Is your career/job stable? Will you be able to manage the expenses and EMIs of this house in the future?

Now, that you have made a decision, we would like you to know about various residential projects in the Delhi-NCR region. This is the right time to book a service apartment in Delhi NCR with RERA & GST in place. Make a move before it’s too late.

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Rakesh · January 16, 2018 at 6:57 pm

Delhi, noida and gurgaon!What about owing a house at ghaziabad Esp. Crossing republik?
It’s not into your consideration,,

Rakesh · January 16, 2018 at 6:58 pm

Delhi, noida and gurgaon!What about owing a house at ghaziabad Esp.. Crossing

Jay · January 30, 2018 at 12:33 pm

Majority of the people face the issue of not meeting the eligibility criteria when applying for a home loan. But now it is possible to share the loan with your family members. This helps to save taxes, take a big loan & get a bigger house as well.

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