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Mistakes to Avoid When Buying or Selling Home in Delhi-NCR Area 12-Feb-2018

We see many industry experts talking about standard guidelines to follow when buying or selling property like doing enough research, hiring a real estate agent and price negotiations but is it all you need to crack a lucrative property deal? We think there is more to it. Assotech Limited as a real estate company wants to accompany you on your house hunting or selling spree by sharing some valuable information on how to Read more...

Top 6 Myths about Buying a Property in Delhi NCR 12-Jan-2018

Want to buy a home in Delhi-NCR area? You are swaying in lingering anxieties & uncertainties of making a profitable decision about your property. Don't worry. You are not the only one suffering from this flooding chain of thoughts about your real-estate investments. You have the company of every new real-estate investor or first-time home buyer. Although you can trust the advice of your Read more...

Six Real Estate Trends for 2018: Property Rates in Delhi- NCR & more 12-Jan-2018

For the real estate industry, 2017 didn't live by the expectations, and the market was on a slowdown from the beginning of the year due to the implementation of game-changing policies by the government. Although demonetization was one of the most unexpected changes that hit the market. RERA and GST also needed some time to be invested in the real estate market. Contradictory to what most real estate experts were saying, statistics suggest property prices became stable towards the end of Read more...

Why owning a home in Delhi NCR is important over renting? 08-Jan-2018

If you are looking to buy the best apartment/home in Delhi, Noida or Gurgaon area, this article will shed some light on the merits of owning a house.

A middle-class working man, few years into his successful career, is most likely to tangle in dilemma of buying or renting a home. Rented accommodations are more of a temporary fix and don't cost much. Owned apartments come with a higher initial investment (down payment) and require a Read more...

Assotech Limited's 30 Years in Real Estate Industry: A Journey Worthwhile 08-Jan-2018

In the last decade, National Capital Region (NCR) has seen a tremendous rise in the real-estate market with numerous upcoming real estate companies in Delhi and surrounding areas like Noida, Gurgaon, and Faridabad, incubating and setting foot in the market. In this fast-changing real estate landscape, where most companies are struggling to keep up with the changing economic scene and latest technology advancements. Read more...